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Welcome to the Queens Immigration Blog: Naturalization Made Simple. We started this blog with a vision of helping immigrants attain the best legal information and services in our area. Being that Queens, NY is probably the largest "melting pot" in the United States we decided that this was the perfect geographical location to assist with such a thing. Our Authors are also born and raised in Queens, NY so they really understand the local landscape.
On our blog you will find tips and valuable legal information from real attorneys regarding all Queens related immigration law topics including green cards, HB1, family, business, deportation, asylum, removal defense and much more.
Stay tuned and follow our blog for the best immigration law tips under the sun and  a list of the best lawyers in Queens, NY.

Immigration Lawyers in Queens

Our blog writers chose to focus on Queens, NY due it's extremely large melting pot of immigrants. It may be safe to say that Queens is the immigrant capitol of the world.
The peak of immigration in this wonderful county sprung up in the 1960's at the same time as the infamous world fair was being held in our home-town. Many countries which were prominently represented at the fair had many of their people stay to live here. These skilled immigrants formed many communities which are actually part of Flushing, NY.

Now that you have a brief idea about the importance of immigration to Queens it's time to provide our readers with our "FEATURED Immigration Lawyer for Q3 2018". Our choice was based on 3rd party verified reviews from legal companies, law forums, attorney associations and actual consumers.

The Featured Attorney For Q3 2018 is:

Slatus & Slatus Immigration Law Firm of NYC 225 West 34th Street New York, NY 10122 (212) 465-0537 http://immigrationlawyerny.org/

Jeff Slatus of Slatus & Slatus has many years of experience dealing with various ethnicity that exist in the area and catering to each group's specific needs. When it comes to green cards and immigration in Queens, nobody knows what's legally right for you like Jeff does.

What Is The Immigrant Assistance Service Enforcement Act?

From the NY Immigration Coalition:

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo signed into law
The Immigrant Assistance Service Enforcement Act was a law passed by Governor Cuomo many years ago. This act will help protect immigrants from fraud and will also fight unscrupulous notaries
The law will provide immigrants with additional rights including:
  • Translation requirements for legal services
  • Dictates that only Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representatives can represent the immigrant.
  • Assistance to communities in attaining civic classes &  job training for immigrants.
Many organizations helped make this law come to fruition. A few that were in the forefront were the New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE), the American Immigration Lawyers Association and of course Governor Cuomo himself.

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